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Michelle Frankfurter has recently completed her multi-year project titled Destino documenting Central American migrants traveling through Mexico to cross into the United States.  Riding on top of freight trains through the southern Mexican states, the trip becomes even more perilous as the migrants approach the notoriously violent border. Frankfurter’s sensitive images are remarkable in their beauty and ability to capture both the danger of this journey and a sense of optimistic adventure. Frankfurter describes the project like this: “In Destino I seek to capture the experience of people who struggle to control their own destiny when confronted by extreme circumstances. Destino is both a social commentary on one of the biggest global issues of our times and an epic adventure tale. It conveys the experience of a generation of exiles, driven by poverty and the dysfunction of failed states, traveling across a landscape that has become increasingly dangerous, heading towards a precarious future as a last resort.”

I keep seeing screencaps of The Simpsons x Family Guy crossover and it legitimately looks like the least funny thing I’ve ever seen. My desire to see it moved from a 0/10 to a -6/10.


Mobil advertisement, 1967
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Mobil advertisement, 1967

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Luv (Sic) (featuring Shing02)


Like you say a new day will bring us tomorrow.

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yeah, I guess you could say I’m a feminist



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